Tyler Diaz

Chief Technology Officer, Tyler Diaz, has a track record of building teams and products that deliver exceptional results. A young, dynamic technology leader, Tyler’s diverse set of technical skills and entrepreneurial experience enables Bolt to design, deploy, and scale new technology rapidly and effectively.

Tyler has spent more than a decade developing technology infrastructure and services for startups, large companies, and research facilities. His experience in designing systems that handle millions of users and hundreds of millions of dollars in transactional volume allows him to tackle complex scaling problems in creative ways.

Prior to joining Bolt, Tyler built teams that deployed several satellites into low earth orbit, created software that allows computer chips to understand human thought, and designed games that scaled to millions of users. He has built systems that supported 40x growth at startups like Teespring.

Tyler started coding at the age of 12, sold his first business when he was 16, and has the distinction of being the youngest person accepted into Y Combinator, at age 17. Tyler lives in Miami and in his spare time enjoys oil painting and learning about how things work.