Shari Lerner

Shari Lerner is the Chief Operating Officer at Bolt Mobility. Shari has more than 18 years of experience as an integral member of the leadership team of a small business government contractor. She has earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Management from the University of Maryland.

Shari is a business operational leader with unique skill of specializing in a multitude of corporate functions. Her expertise in human resource management, financial procedures, sub-contract management, and vendor relations are utilized daily at Bolt. Shari’s personable character and level-headed approach to operational management have allowed Bolt to achieve many milestones in a short period.

Shari is an active participant in the creation of company policies and procedures, acquisition, and management of operation assets. She is also responsible for maintaining relationships with suppliers and service providers while ensuring that the operations team meets their set goals. Her experience in leading companies that have generated over $150M in revenue during her tenure has given her a unique insight on how to lead Bolt’s business processes.