COO & Co-founder

Kamyar Kaviani

Kamyar Kaviani our Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Bolt Mobility: Creator and former CEO of multiple technology companies in the emerging STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) market including HyperOffice, HTR (a public company that merged with VCAMPUS) and Saba (a public company).

Kamyar has had years of experience in the technology space, as well as being an entrepreneur. Before Bolt, Kamyar was the co-founder and CEO of HyperOffice. He was also co-founder, chairman, and CEO of HTR and co-founder of Saba. He serves as the Chairman of Advisory Committee and a founder of Corporation and is the executive chairman of Breezio, Inc.

Kamyar has used Internship programs to educate and develop future leaders in technology. He has fostered over 500 interns who are now active contributors to the STEM industry. Through partnerships with colleges and universities in Maryland, Kamyar has provided real leadership experiences for students. He has brought his talent for leadership and innovation to Bolt to create partnerships with cities to provide commuters with safe, environmentally friendly transportation.