Ignacio Tzoumas

Ignacio is our financial guru: CFO of Pishevar Family Foundation, Edison and Stara, Ignacio is a genius at lean financial management.

Ignacio Tzoumas is the CEO of Bolt Mobility. He has worked in finance since 1997 and has served in a variety of roles. Ignacio has been CFO for the Pishevar Family Foundation, Edison and Stara. Ignacio graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B. Sc. In Bio-Engineering.

Ignacio spent his career creating wealth for investors and teaching others how to maximize their financial potential. He has worked in finance for 22 years now and has created a sustainable financial model for continuous research, design, and innovation. He is an active angel investor in start-ups and mentors emerging talent in various financial routes.

Ignacio is an active member of the Transportation and Connectivity board of the City of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Here, he actively works with city officials to find cost-effective transportation solutions for the underserved members of the community. He has extensive experience building relationships with local government officials and is often a resource to the City of Chapel Hill. Ignacio’s leadership at a hedge fund and a trading firm have fueled his desire to ensure that success is achieved by all members of the community.