Ignacio Tzoumas

Chief Executive Officer, Ignacio Tzoumas is responsible for BOLT Mobility’s management, strategic growth, and commitment to sustainability, access, and community partnership. A member of BOLT’s leadership team since its founding, Ignacio brings more than two decades of financial experience and expertise. His focus on cost-effective, sustainable transportation for underserved communities has been a key catalyst of the company’s continued expansion.

Ignacio is highly regarded both inside the company and in the industry for his leadership, deep understanding of the company’s finances, people, and operations, and his win-win approach to partnerships. Ignacio has extensive experience launching public-private partnerships. He has previously sat on the Transportation and Connectivity Board of the City of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and has also served as a strategic consultant to the state of North Carolina.

Prior to joining BOLT, Ignacio was a partner at Triton Global Securities and Mercury Capital Management. He has also served as CFO at Edison Group. Ignacio brings his financial expertise, honed in his leadership positions in hedge funds and trading firms, to shape Bolt's financial model and ensure its resilience. An active angel investor and mentor for start-up founders, Ignacio continues supporting fledgling companies, helping create sustainable financial models.

As a first-generation descendant of Hispanic and Greek immigrants, Ignacio is fluent in Spanish. He holds a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He splits his time between Miami, Florida, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina with his family.