April 6, 2020

Why use an e-scooter?

Many Americans encounter substantial impact on commuting and travel time, daily. With city populations continuing to expand, the situation is sure to worsen.

According to a recent survey in 2019, the average daily American commute totals approximately 35 minutes. That’s about 152 hours — or 19 full workdays a year — driving to work in their cars1.

Micromobility has continued to grow the last recent years and has become more noticeable throughout the United States and the world! Micromobility has transformed cities, providing commuters with more convenient, affordable, and safe transportation options than ever before2. Recently, the most identifiable and familiar form of micromobility transportation has been the use of electric scooters.

Enter Bolt Mobility. At Bolt Mobility, the fleet of e-scooters provides affordable transportation, while helping reduce traffic congestion— and carbon emissions. Bolt has conducted extensive research within urban areas and is prepared to revolutionize transportation. Their goal is to provide a scooter that will aid in alleviating transit issues including traffic congestion with little to no impact on pedestrian comfort.

Bolt Mobility is ready to redesign city mobility around the world with affordable, accessible choices. The team is determined to clean up our planet with simple, safe and sustainable transport solutions.

The future of mobility has arrived. So, hop on and bolt off — you’ll thank us later.

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