October 23, 2020

Tech Haters x BOLT Podcast: Episode 2

On the second episode of Tech Haters x BOLT, hosts Michael Tsinkler and Andreina Ponce begin with a breakdown of the newly unveiled iPhone 12, which Andreina isn’t incredibly impressed with, but, as she says, “I’m still gonna get it.”

From there the two hosts compare the iPhone experience as advertised – one with perfectly intact screens and no need for a protective covering – with the reality that a large number of users end up with a damaged phone in one way or another. In the end, they settled on the conclusion that while the phone itself is “nothing special,” the iPhone 12’s high-quality camera make it a worthwhile consumer experience for those who plan to take lots of pictures.

Andreina was considerably more enthusiastic about the Adobe MAX Creative Conference, which was held virtually this year and featured a number of exciting unveilings for visual creatives like her, including updates to foundational design programs like Adobe Photoshop.

For Andreina, the best part of the annual conference is the opportunity it gives her to learn and discover new tools to improve her craft. Michael echoed this sentiment emphatically: “You will not survive in this business if you think you know it all, and you’re rigid in your ways.”

For Michael and Andreina, constant evolution is both personal and professional. At Bolt, it’s what drives them to improve the rider experience, creating fun app designs and reward opportunities, which they discuss near the episode’s midway point. That same spirit drive Andreina’s interest in visiting Japan, where she wants to visit and learn about Japanese design methods.

“I’m dying to go,” Andreina tells Michael, “just because I feel like every artist… that goes there, you see the change immediately… you can tell that they get inspired.”

Andreina and Michael end Episode 2 with a tease of Bolt’s next new product reveal, which will include a “lighter” scooter and a new device, and a short discussion on their new boss, Bolt Mobility CEO Ignacio Tzoumas.

“He’s awesome,” Michael said. “Ignacio is just… down to earth. He’s a great leader, a great person. He’s really sharp.”