October 14, 2020

Tech Haters x BOLT Podcast: Episode 1

On the premiere episode of “Tech Haters x Bolt,” Bolt Mobility Product Director Michael Tsinkler and Bolt Mobility Creative Director Andreina Ponce took viewers on a deep dive into the Bolt mobile app, Lime Scooters augmented reality and… McDonalds lunches – all while pretending to do their normal jobs!

With a free-wheeling style that gave listeners real insight into the fascinating work of the micromobility industry, Michael and Andreina offered a digital tour of Bolt’s user experience and user interface, and how each translates into the core functionalities that allow Bolt riders to purchase and ride Bolt’s e-scooters.

After a quick – and surprising - tour of Andreina’s Instagram account, Michael and Andreina broke down the augmented reality capabilities in Lime Scooters’ mobile app – including both the value and limitations of a feature that allows potential riders to check the remaining battery life of nearby scooters.

As they broke down the pros and cons of potential app designs for promoting micromobility adoption, Michael likened e-scooters to their public transport predecessors. “Millennials don’t take buses… If people took buses more, that would be great,” he told Andreina. “But they have no sex appeal. That’s the problem… Micromobility is the public utility for transportation. That’s the future. You can print that.”