March 2, 2020

Safety First

Micromobility is maturing to become the macro-economic force for transportation1. The popularity of the e-scooter phenomenon continues to flourish and disrupt the industry. This calls for safety to be top-notch and inevitable for all riders.

As with all new innovations, one should familiarize themselves about safety implementations. At Bolt, we make safety our #1 priority and make it easy for riders to feel comfortable and at ease.

When riding a Bolt scooter, one should always:

·       Be kind to pedestrians

·       Follow all traffic rules including street signs and stop signs

·       Be careful at the crosswalk

·       Pay attention to everything around you

·       Bolt with both hands at all times and always wear a helmet

Once a Bolt ride is completed, the e-scooter should be parked in an appropriate location. Remember to keep the next rider in mind and park close to a curb at a designated scooter area.

Following these simple safety tips will make your ride that much more enjoyable. You will be hooked to bolt-ing off— and look outrageously cool at the same time.