May 19, 2020

NanoSeptic handlebars help Bolt riders'​ safety and hygiene go hand-in-hand

At Bolt Mobility we’re proud to employ our micro mobility solutions to help individuals and businesses navigate the pandemic while providing their communities with essential goods and services. Whether we’re helping workers in Richmond with a more sanitary alternative to public transportation, or helping restaurants in Miami and New York to serve their customers and maintain staff while avoiding expensive third-party delivery fees, we’re jumping in wherever we can because we know we have a vital role to play.

We also know that in everything we do, our greatest responsibility is to promote the health and safety of our riders and the general public. These days, that means going above and beyond normal protocol.

That’s why earlier this month we redeployed our scooters in Miami and New York City with NanoSeptic handlebars that continually self-disinfect, helping prevent our scooters’ primary touchpoint from spreading germs between riders – at a time when preventing the spread of germs can help save lives.

As NanoSeptic describes on its website, “Powered by light, NanoSeptic surfaces utilize mineral nano-crystals which create a powerful oxidation reaction. Working 24/7, the surface continually oxidizes organic contaminants. Unlike traditional disinfectants and cleaners, the NanoSeptic surface uses no poisons, heavy metals or chemicals, and nothing is released from the surface since the nano-crystals are molecularly bonded to the material.”

While we continue to encourage our riders to take every precaution, including disinfecting before riding and wearing protective equipment to avoid contact, the addition of NanoSeptic’s revolutionary technology to Bolt Mobility’s micro mobility solutions creates a cleaner, more hygienic way for people to move around on our scooters.

For our customers and the communities they serve, that means even more protection with no cost to the efficiency, flexibility or accessibility our solutions are known for.

Source: LinkedIn