June 23, 2020

Micromobility in the life of: Bushwich Sandwich Lab Owner Dan Reilly

When New York City went into lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Bushwich Sandwich Lab owner and operator Dan Reilly had to fundamentally rethink the way he runs his Brooklyn restaurant. Like countless other small businesses in New York and throughout the US, the pandemic meant a temporary end to “business as usual,” and a real threat to Bushwich’s ability to maintain its business and workforce.

“My first priority was to get through this without cutting hours or firing employees,” Dan said. “Turns out, that wasn’t necessary, because instead of slowing down, we remained steady. I actually ended up having to hire more help.”

Bushwich had successfully switched to a delivery and takeout business model, but quickly realized it needed more capacity than it could handle with cars alone, and a safe way for employees from other neighborhoods to commute without taking public transport, which posed a heightened risk of infection.

Enter Bolt Mobility’s e-scooters.

Sometime around the end of April, one of my guys reached out to Bolt because he heard they were giving out scooters to businesses like ours to help out during the crisis,” Dan said. “Within a couple weeks… we were up and running.”

Bolt scooters’ long-lasting charge and easy maneuverability has made them the ideal delivery tool for Bushwich, accounting for about a third of the restaurant’s daily deliveries while maneuvering through city streets faster than cars, and requiring much less exertion than bicycles.

“A delivery rider who would normally only be able to work in short bursts [on a bike] can easily ride the Bolt through a 6-hour shift,” Dan said. As for his commuting employees, Dan confirmed that Bolt’s scooters hold a charge all the way from Bushwick to the Bronx.

Most importantly, with limited touch points and NanoSeptic handlebars that self-disinfect, Bushwich’s team is able to travel safely and effectively limit the risk of infection from coronavirus while wearing gloves and masks as a precaution.

Dan and Bushwich’s partnership with Bolt has helped keep his successful restaurant on track through one of the most trying times in history for small businesses. Dan’s advice for fellow restaurant owners considering a similar partnership?

“Yes, yes, a million times yes. I want to own one. They’re just the right size, speed, and ease of riding. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Image: Bushwich Sandwich Lab owner Dan Reilly with his Bolt e-scooter

Source: LinkedIn