July 24, 2020

Micromobility in the life of: We Ride Tomorrow Managing Partner Timothy Robinson

Timothy Robinson grew up in Orange County, California, but since moving to Portland, Oregon in 2018, he’s come to consider Rip City his second home.  During that time, Tim has grown to appreciate the city’s enthusiasm for micro mobility.

“Portland has been on the forefront of micro mobility for a while now,” Tim said. “Our population is passionate about reducing traffic and our carbon footprint. And since we’re not a massive city like Los Angeles, we’re ideal for e-scooters.”

Luckily for the city of Portland, Tim is an experienced entrepreneur in the apparel space, having led numerous ventures in Oregon and California. So when he saw that Bolt’s e-scooters could meet a real need for the city’s travelers and commuters, Tim didn’t have to wait for Bolt to arrive in Portland. He was able to bring Bolt there himself.

The Bolt 1 is catching on in Portland

“I started to do a little research on how to launch my own scooter company, and realized that a partnership with Bolt Mobility represented the best opportunity for me,” Tim said. “I’ve gotten to know Bolt’s team and become familiar with their scooters, and the experience has been great. We chose to launch in Portland with the Bolt 1, which is a great model.”

So far Bolt’s launch in Portland has been limited due in part to unrest in the form of the city’s ongoing protests for racial justice and the law enforcement response to those demonstrations. That hasn’t impacted Tim’s view of Bolt’s long-term future in the city.

“I think that I have an advanced understanding as an African American entrepreneur who is trying to launch a business of the national political climate we are in,” Tim explained. “It is a bit of a catch-22 in the sense that my business is being disrupted by the protests. However, as an African American, I understand the protests and I deeply appreciate everyone’s efforts. I support people standing up peacefully and demanding positive change.

Tim believes that eventually Bolt’s premium product and safer scooter model will make it the premiere micro mobility solution in Portland. In fact, he sees Bolt’s scooters as providing an essential service to the city, offering a more hygienic alternative to mass transit in the form of individualized, open-air, low-cost transportation.

Tim is bringing Portland customers a new kind of micro mobility solution

“My company, We Ride Tomorrow, which operates in Portland, is launching a campaign to help keep the city safe. We’re supporting local businesses, helping residents however we can – and a big part of that is our micro mobility partnership with Bolt.”

With Tim at the helm, Bolt and micro mobility have a bright future in Portland.  

Source: LinkedIn