We are determined to clean up
our planet with simple , safe and
sustainable transport solutions.

Bolt was created in 2018 to fill the gaps in micromobility. Bolt has conducted extensive research within urban areas and is prepared to revolutionize transportation. We believe that we can provide a scooter that will aid in alleviating transit issues including traffic congestion with little to no impact on pedestrian comfort.


The Bolt team is made up of a cohesive group of
talented individuals with a combined total of 120 years
in design, technology, innovation and science.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are core values at Bolt: both in the team members we hire and with the communities we engage.  We have embarked on a mission to bring together a best-in-class team with diverse disciplines focused on a single goal – to create a series of micro-disruptions to change the future of transportation. We continually put our values into action through the teams we hire and the ideas we support.


820 Arthur Godfrey Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33140 866.BOLT.143


Co-founder,Co-CEO &  Chairwoman 

Dr. Sarah Haynes is the current Co-founder, Co-CEO and Chairwoman of Bolt Mobility. Sarah is a goal-driven professional with over 25 years of experience in business and program development, philanthropy, business strategy, human resources, operations, and executive coaching. Her deep understanding of how people interact has provided her with award-winning leadership abilities to develop and retain talent. 

A natural progression of roles, such as Director, Chief of Staff, Founder, PFO, Co-CEO and Chairwoman, have afforded her the opportunity to lead teams and guide investors and all community stakeholders and partners through strategy formation and execution. Sarah’s ability to align perspectives and nurture relationships among multiple teams, assess and mitigate risk, and manage compliance has helped organizations execute against their strategic agenda and accomplish growth objectives.

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Sarah has worked in multiple sectors, including: micromobility transportation, business development, venture capital, behavioral health, collaborative consumption, etc. She has an established track record of developing and operating successful businesses that thrive as a result of her contributions in risk management and leadership development. Sarah’s other specialties include: multi-modal training program development, personal management and motivational coaching.

In 2000, Sarah earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology and holds a certificate from the Professional Management Certificate Program (PMCP) from Georgetown University. Her extensive education includes graduate, undergraduate and certification programs from an array of Universities, which include: University of California, Berkeley, Georgetown University, NSU, and University of Maryland.

Sarah was previously a member of the full-time faculty on clinical research at Georgetown University School of Medicine where she served as a health educator and a team leader/project management for an NIH funded research protocol aimed at improving health outcomes for minority populations in five major hospitals in Washington, D.C. Sarah was also a policymaker shaping community and organizational behavior in large institutions.


She has lead recruitment efforts for the various teams and risk mitigation and compliance efforts. Sarah also previously served as the Chief of Staff for Sherpa Capital, a leading venture capital firm with over $650M under management. Her role at Sherpa Capital included creating due diligence research, organization policy, team building, coaching, maximizing human potential and organizational development. Sarah is also instrumental in the creation and maintenance of community relationships and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

In the past, Sarah has been an active Program Volunteer with the YMCA of Silicon Valley, where she helped individuals set and achieve individual wellness goals. She has held a position on the steering committee for UNICEF USA to support disaster and humanitarian relief and has helped to alleviate poverty in Puerto Rico through The Pishevar Family Foundation.


Co-CEO & Co-founder

Kamyar Kaviani our Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bolt Mobility: Creator and former CEO of multiple technology companies in the emerging STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) market including HyperOffice, HTR (a public company that merged with VCAMPUS) and Saba (a public company).

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Kamyar has had years of experience in the technology space, as well as being an entrepreneur. Before Bolt, Kamyar was the co-founder and CEO of HyperOffice. He was also co-founder, chairman, and CEO of HTR and co-founder of Saba. He serves as the Chairman of Advisory Committee and a founder of Corporation and is the executive chairman of Breezio, Inc.

Kamyar has used Internship programs to educate and develop future leaders in technology. He has fostered over 500 interns who are now active contributors to the STEM industry. Through partnerships with colleges and universities in Maryland, Kamyar has provided real leadership experiences for students. He has brought his talent for leadership and innovation to Bolt to create partnerships with cities to provide commuters with safe, environmentally friendly transportation.



Not only is Usain considered the fastest man alive, but he is also a co-founder and the brand ambassador for Bolt Mobility. Usain was born in Jamaica where he fostered his athletic talents from a young age. He holds the world record for the 100m, 200m and 4x100m men’s sprint. This nine-time Olympic gold medalist is a champion for safe, affordable transportation for all. Usain has won accolades including IAAF World Athlete of the Year, Track and Field Athlete of the Year, BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year and Laureus World Sportsman of the Year.

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Usain wants to fix an issue he experienced all through his athletic career: safe, affordable transportation you can access on the go. He brought his passion and drive to our team and is an active part of the innovation process.

Usain is a serial philanthropist who through his foundation, The Usain Bolt Foundation, creates opportunities for all through education and cultural development. Usain has many business partnerships notably with Puma on a clothing line and Hublot to create watches with his distinctive style. His restaurant, Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records is a staple when visiting Jamaica or London, England. His shaving company Champion Shave is revolutionizing the men’s shaving industry. Usain has emerged from the sporting world to become a business leader.


SVP, Finance

Cheryl Heller is SVP of Finance for Bolt. She has served as a Managing Principal of Pillar One Consulting and is a strategic advisor to HR Technology a startup, iRevü. Before Bolt, Cheryl spent over 20 years at Capital One.

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Cheryl spent over 20 years at Capital One where she held positions with increasing responsibilities in various finance, operations, acquisition integration, mergers and acquisitions roles. Before Capital One, Cheryl spent time in the insurance industry and in public accounting where she focused on regional banks and real estate relationships. She is a Certified Public Accountant, and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, MD.

As SVP of Finance for Bolt, Cheryl provides strategic financial advice as well as oversees the day-to-day financial management of the business. She has her bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut and a master’s degree from the University of Hartford. She is passionate about the impact companies have on the communities they serve.


CTO & Co-founder

Keith Siilats is Co-Founder and CTO for Bolt. Keith has spent a significant part of his career on Wall Street working for Goldman Sachs, Sanford Bernstein and SAC Capital. He has a BA/MA in Economics from Cambridge University, Trinity College and 3 years of Graduate School from Stanford University, specializing in Machine Learning.

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Keith’s experiences with technology and development have impacted his view of transportation and the future of the industry. Throughout his experiences as a trained commercial pilot, software developer, and leader, Keith has created applications that changed the accessibility and cost of transportation services. He was previously principal in software development and outsourcing of Bytelogics where he developed several consumer applications funded by VC’s (Azumio, Paystik, LastMinuteLocal).

Keith works with, a non-profit group committed to sharing the experiences of flying with persons with multiple sclerosis. This is an extension of his belief that transportation should be accessible to everyone. Keith wants to use Bolt as a tool to train the next generation on ways to use technology to make transportation accessible to everyone.



Ignacio is our financial guru: CFO of Pishevar Family Foundation, Edison and Stara, Ignacio is a genius at lean financial management.

Ignacio Tzoumas is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Bolt Mobility. He has worked in finance since 1997 and has served in a variety of roles. Ignacio has been CFO for the Pishevar Family Foundation, Edison, Stara, and now, Bolt. Ignacio graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B. Sc. In Bio-Engineering.

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Ignacio spent his career creating wealth for investors and teaching others how to maximize their financial potential. He has worked in finance for 22 years now and has created a sustainable financial model for continuous research, design, and innovation. He is an active angel investor in start-ups and mentors emerging talent in various financial routes.

Ignacio is an active member of the Transportation and Connectivity board of the City of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Here, he actively works with city officials to find cost-effective transportation solutions for the underserved members of the community. He has extensive experience building relationships with local government officials and is often a resource to the City of Chapel Hill. Ignacio’s leadership at a hedge fund and a trading firm have fueled his desire to ensure that success is achieved by all members of the community.



Will Nicholas leads operations for Bolt. Will spent eight years working for Tesla on environmental policy and business development. Prior to Tesla, he worked for Google’s sales and marketing team in San Francisco, California. He is a graduate Northwestern University.

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Will spent eight years working with Tesla on environmental policy and business development throughout North America. He has successfully created and implemented sales channels for Tesla’s innovative technology. He was also responsible for opening Tesla’s first stores on the East Coast that introduced the company’s electric vehicles and energy storage products to the public.

Will’s expertise across policy, communications, and operations has made him our primary resource for market expansion. He understands the important role of sustainable transportation in the effort to mitigate global climate change.



Shari Lerner is the Director of Business Operations at Bolt Mobility. Shari has more than 18 years of experience as an integral member of the leadership team of a small business government contractor. She has earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Management from the University of Maryland.

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Shari is a business operational leader with unique skill of specializing in a multitude of corporate functions. Her expertise in human resource management, financial procedures, sub-contract management, and vendor relations are utilized daily at Bolt. Shari’s personable character and level-headed approach to operational management have allowed Bolt to achieve many milestones in a short period.

Shari is an active participant in the creation of company policies and procedures, acquisition, and management of operation assets. She is also responsible for maintaining relationships with suppliers and service providers while ensuring that the operations team meets their set goals. Her experience in leading companies that have generated over $150M in revenue during her tenure has given her a unique insight on how to lead Bolt’s business processes.