March 22, 2019

Usain Bolt becomes scooter hero

March 22, 2019

Done with running, Usain Bolt is scootering now as the ambassador of scooter company Bolt Mobility.

While Bolt Mobility is lobbying to legalise e-scooter rides, Usain Bolt became the global brand ambassador of the scooter company. As an experienced global runner, Bolt says to know firsthand how traffic is getting worse, hence becoming ambassador of the e-scooter company seemed to him as the logic step to tackle air pollution and traffic congestion.

SUV of e-scooters

However Bolt Mobility is not the only scooter company lobbying for legal rides, it is the only scooter company with luxurious scooter, which can be called the SUV of e-scooters. With their large 10-inch wheels they are wide enough to have both feet faced forward, while two cup holders, a space for a bag and a USB charging port must meet all the on-road comfort necessities.

Legal hordes to tackle

However, to get those SUVs on the road, legal issues have to be tackled first. Therefore, Bolt Mobility – as many other scooter companies – has been lobbying at the City Council. In 2018, Bolt Mobility spent $52,500 lobbying the city council, while Bird spent about $109,528 on city lobbying in that same year.

Yet, the company already operates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Alexandria, Virigina, and Arlington, Virgina, with in total about 1,000 scooters. They run at a $1 fee, with an additional 15 cents per minute. In New York, on the other hand, the legislation is not uniform to legalise scooter rides, a new proposal would legalise e-scooter but riders would be required to wear helmets and reflective clothing at night, while the City Council from Bronx Councilman Fernando Cabrera propsed to legalise e-scooters if capped at speeds of 15mph.

Hence, while the lobbying proceeds in New York, the Bolt scooters already run the streets elsewhere.