October 22, 2021

Bolt Launches First Micromobility Personal Navigation System

October 22, 2021

Launched and available in Miami, MobilityOS provides real-time navigation, available on the Bolt Two e-Scooter’s new smartphone docking & charging mount.

(Miami, FL, October 22, 2021) - Today, Bolt Mobility, the micromobility company co-founded by Usain Bolt and headquartered in Miami, announced a first-in-the industry interactive navigation system called “MobilityOS” for its e-scooters.

Bolt’s app will display a real-time map on the rider’s smartphone, mounted to (and charged by) the Bolt Two e-scooter.

“We are thrilled to be releasing another transportation innovation here in Miami,” said CEO Ignacio Tzoumas. “Habits and desires are changing, and Bolt is committed to collaborating with cities, towns, and universities to create transportation solutions that work for communities.”

MobilityOS benefits riders with an interactive map, routing them around geofences safely and efficiently to their destination, while providing riders with data and information about their surroundings.

MobilityOS in app scooter navigation system

It is an equal benefit to municipalities, as the system can route riders away from dangerous, sensitive, or high traffic areas, encourage users to park devices safely, and keep sidewalks clean and safe with “reward parking zones.”

The new e-scooters (currently only available in Miami but being deployed in more of Bolt’s 33 markets) come with a built-in wireless charger that runs off sustainable, swappable batteries, just one of many innovations Bolt is working on to ensure transportation access, equity, and quality of life through micromobility.

About BOLT Micromobility

BOLT Mobility is a transformational personal transportation company committed to ensuring access, equity, and quality of life through micromobility. Co-founded by eight-time Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt, BOLT Mobility is revolutionizing the way people move and experience their communities and travel to and from employment. Through partnerships with municipalities, universities, and local ownership, we are advancing smarter infrastructure and thoughtfully integrating sustainable and accessible transportation options into the neighborhoods we serve, helping communities thrive. Learn more at MicroMobility.com.

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