Lease a BOLT scooter today and expand the way you travel. When public transportation and ride sharing services are not an option, individual scooters can help you commute to work or deliver meals and essential goods. Our scooters help make you more efficient: save time, avoid fees, and earn income! 


BOLT scooters are built to keep you safe. They come equipped with bright lights, dual brakes, long range, and a basket to carry cargo. Your package also includes a charger, lock, and helmet so you are always ready to ride.


All scooters are equipped with self-cleaning handlebars and brake levers. Natural light instantly disinfects the surfaces you touch so you stay safe and healthy while riding.

Leasing is currently available in New York City, Richmond (VA), and Miami (FL).



  1. Place a $25 deposit to reserve a BOLT scooter. 
  2. Receive an email instructing you on next steps including a contactless delivery to your preferred location. The first month’s remaining balance will be due at this time.
  3. Begin riding your BOLT scooter!

*Subscriptions automatically renew, but if you need to cancel, you can notify our support team and we will coordinate a time to pick up the equipment. 


$89 Per Month + Tax
  • LOCK


Q: When do I receive my Bolt scooter?

A: After you complete your reservation and deposit payment, you will be contacted by a Bolt leasing team member to schedule your pick-up/delivery. Bolt schedules on a first come, first serve basis.

Q: How do I receive my Bolt scooter?

A: Bolt delivers scooters by setting up pick-up stations throughout the city. If you would like to schedule a drop off at your home, there is a $25 direct delivery fee. 

Q: Are there cancellation charges or fees?

A:There are no fees for cancelling prior to your delivery, your $25 deposit is fully refundable. After taking delivery, if you choose to cancel your lease before the first 90 days, there is a $100 cancellation/retrieval fee. If you cancel your lease after the first 90 days, there is a $25 retrieval fee. 

Q: What is the price If I want to buy the scooter from you?

A:  If you want to buy a scooter, we sell them for $1,000. They come with a charger, helmet, and lock. The scooter will not lock via the app, so you will need a physical lock to secure it when it is not in use. 

Q: Can I buy the scooter out from the lease?

A: We currently do not have a lease-to-own option. 

Q: If the scooter gets stolen, what is the fine?

A:  If a scooter is lost or broken beyond repair during your lease, there will be a $1,000 fine charged to your account.

Q: What if my scooter needs repair?

A: If your scooter needs repair, one of our Bolt team members will come to you to complete maintenance, or replace your scooter. Regular wear and tear items will be replaced free of charge. For necessary repairs caused by user error, a $50 fee will be charged to your account for each visit.

Q: Are electric scooters legal in New York?

A:  Scooters were just legalized for private use through Governor Cuomo’s 2020 executive budget.

Q: Where can I find all of your terms for leasing?

A:  You can find our Leasing Agreement  by clicking  here

Q: What do I need with me for my delivery?

A: You will need a working smartphone and legal identification.

Q: Can I share my leased Bolt scooter?

A: Yes, you are permitted to have up to two users per Bolt scooter.